Managing Back to School

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Managing Back To School w/Buddy’s Home Furnishings   The first commute to your local high school can be the most stressful, emotionally trying and ultimately illuminating experience in your life as a parent. No matter if you’re the parent who forces your freshman to suffer through a mortifying first day photo or the kind who hits the gas to avoid the inevitable tears, take a little advice. Some careful planning will let your child know you care and help you get through things! Besides, just imagine how tough you’ll find the first day of their senior year!

The first day of high school will bring conflicting messages between you and your son or daughter about happiness regarding the expanding borders of their life. You’d think they’d love everything about high school but there’ll be things that make them sad or mad, and there’ll be backslides. The important thing to for you to understand is that fear regarding this life-change will not linger. It’s important to listen, even if your child is using their brand new convertible laptop as a wall instead of a reliable electronic tool for completing an essay on “The Great Gatsby.” A discussion will go a long way.

Take a deep breath! It’ll help you all calm down.

No matter if you are a parent or not, you’ve all had the unique honor of being unnecessarily terrified about the first day of school. Worry is not effective. For most kids, high school provides an eventual fit and then it becomes a matter of SAT’s ACT’s and more essay drafts than you can count on that Acer that doubles as a tablet. That will be a completely different brand of anxiety.

Find a way you can lend a hand.

If your child is enrolled in Honors English it isn’t necessarily realistic to offer to be a proofreader, but you can visit Buddy’s Home Furnishings to find a lightweight rent to own laptop that will be suitable for the full four years of high school. You can be the mom or dad who helps where they can, when they can.

Make the best of it.

In the end after all of the hand-wringing, what matters the most is that you make the most of the experience. There’ll be sleepless nights and hard work, but there’ll be fun too! The important thing to remember is you’re not losing your baby, this is just the next step, besides you’ll still be tripping over their Beats or grudgingly getting them the “last” smartphone they’ll ever need for at least another four years.

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