Maintaining Independence through Furniture

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Not all 20- or even 30-year-olds are blessed with homes of their own. Many are, for financial reasons, still living with their parents. This situation can be awkward for both parties. Parents have to remind themselves that their child is grown. Adult children have to remind themselves that these are their parents’ to own furniture

A simple way to maintain appropriate boundaries is for the adult child to furnish his or her own room. This reminds parents that this room belongs to an adult and allows the adult daughter or son to personalize the space. It also reinforces everyone’s sense of adulthood. Children live in rooms furnished by their parents. Adults furnish their own spaces.

Renting Furniture

This is a good option for adult children living in their parents’ houses. Rental furniture can help remind adult children this while this space belongs to their parents, they can retain a sense of independence and adulthood.

Rental furniture also reduces the anxiety level when adult children look for their own houses because they haven’t tied themselves to a furniture style or size. If the furniture doesn’t fit in a new home, they don’t have to continue renting it.

Buddy’s Home Furnishings offers a fantastic selection of rent to own furnishings that everyone can take advantage of to personalize their spaces, even in their parents’ homes.

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