Is it Time for a New Washing Machine?

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A washing machine is one of those appliances that a lot of people take for granted. It sits there, and does its job day after day with no problems, so it’s not an object of much attention, until it starts acting up. A washing machine that’s on its last legs can be a nuisance, and an outright problem if it gets bad enough. There are symptoms your washer may display to tell you it’s time for a new to own washing machine

A leaking washing machine is the most obvious sign of trouble. A broken hose, loose connection, or bad seal can cause gallons of water to be spilled onto your floor and belongings, potentially causing expensive damage.

If the washer is making excessive noise, it can be a sign that the load inside is just off balance, or there could be a bigger problem. If rebalancing the load inside the washer doesn’t fix the problem, the drum or motor may be worn out, which could be a costly repair.

Old age can also cause the need to replace your washer. The typical lifespan of a washing machine is about 11 years, but it is recommended to start considering a new washer when yours is about 8 years old.

There are other reasons for replacing your washing machine. A major one is the savings on water an energy that a new machine can give you. Replacing your washing machine may seem like a costly venture, but with now much more efficient new washing machines are, they pay for themselves and then some fairly quickly, especially if you do a lot of laundry.

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