How to Get the Most Out of New Furniture

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New furniture is always exciting, but how do you protect it without sacrificing the comfort and beauty of the piece? Over time, rent to own furnituresomething will inevitably spill on it, snag it, chew it, nick it, or otherwise ruin the newness. When you invest in new furniture, here are some ways to get the most out of it over time:

Apply a protective coating. A furniture protection product could be wax for a wooden table or a stain-preventer on upholstery. Some furniture comes with optional protection packages, which may be worth a slight increase in price. If not, there are many professional grade products on the market you may apply yourself.

Use blankets or a fitted cover. If you have children or pets, blankets or a fitted covering may offer the most protection. All you have to do when something spills is pull off the cover and throw it in the wash.

Invest in a warranty. Unless you treat your home like a museum, a warranty will cover those unexpected incidents. Coffee and red wine can wreak havoc on a sofa, and deep scoring will never come out of wood. Take advantage of a warranty to protect your investment.

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