How to Furnish Your First Home for Less

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Congratulations! You’ve got your first home. If it’s the first time you’ve lived on your own, you may have a tight budget for home rent to own furniturefurnishings. Instead of agonizing over what you don’t have, you can strategically invest in everything you need. Here are answers to some of your most pressing questions:

Which Furnishings Are Must Haves?

You may not need that floor rug or a china cabinet right now, but you definitely do need a reasonably furnished living room, kitchen, and bedroom. If you find the right piece and fall in love with it, it may be an investment you can enjoy for a lifetime. Your sofa, chest of drawers, and lighting fixtures are investments in your style, comfort, and the perceived value of the house

How Can I Decorate on a Budget?

Minimalism is in style right now. Take advantage of the trend by choosing statement pieces that add finesse to a room without over-cluttering it. Get the major pieces you need from a rent-to-own store like Buddy’s Home Furnishings, and then consider DIYing what you’re missing. Our rent-to-own selection also includes accents like rugs and art that you need to make a home feel complete.

Remember, when furnishing a home, cover the basics first. Buddy’s Home Furnishings has a showroom full of the affordable, must-have furniture, appliances, and electronics for you to choose from.

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