How to Effectively Furnish a Small Apartment

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Having your furniture arranged in a way that complements your space is key to making a room feel bigger. Even a small apartment can feel spacious and welcoming if care is taken while choosing a layout. It may seem tough to match the style of your furniture to your home, but these ideas will help get you moving in the right to own furniture

  • Choose Compact Furniture – In smaller spaces where every bit of room is valuable, choosing lightweight, streamlined pieces is important. Take measurements of the space and map out what size furniture would work best.
  • Utilize Storage Space – It’s easy to fill up a small space with more items than you have storage for. Keep an eye out for furniture that serves dual purposes like an Ottoman with built in storage, or a bedframe with drawers for storage underneath.
  • Materials Matter – One thing that many people forget is that anything glass or mirrored is going to make the room feel larger. Reflections make the room feel larger than it is, and glass helps furniture seem much less obtrusive.
  • Pay Attention to the Flow – Take into account where the doors for entering and exiting a room are, and observe how people tend to walk through the room. Place furniture so it isn’t obstructing the main paths of travel, and it’ll make the room seem much more open.

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