How to Choose the Right Smartphone

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With cellphone carriers getting rid of free upgrades and renegotiating their service contracts, there’s no better time to consider rent to own smartphonegetting an unlocked phone. If you’re in the smartphone market, the options can seem overwhelming. Here’s how to decide which phone is best for you:

  1. Primary functionality. If you know what you’re going to use your phone for most, half the battle is over. For individuals who want to use a few main apps, call, text, and browse the internet, any basic model with a good-sized screen will probably work fine. Those who plan to take pictures, video, and store other sizeable data assets on the phone may need more storage and other features.
  2. The cheapest one isn’t always the most budget friendly. When it comes to smartphones, some people are techno-nuts while others hold onto a phone for a while. The budget-friendly way to purchase a smartphone is to look for everything you’ll need in a phone for the next few years. Choose a model with enough storage and control features that you can use for as long as possible.
  3. Spend time with the design. The way a smartphone feels in your hand will matter more than you think. Try out some basic activities, and see how comfortable the phone is over a period of five minutes. Get something that looks and feels comfortable for you.

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