How to Choose the Perfect Recliner

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Having a comfortable couch or sectional in your living room is great, but not many things can match the comfort of a plush recliner. Many people tend to be skeptical of recliners until they sit in one, and new recliners offer many modern fabrics and rent to own reclinersdesign characteristics to suit the décor of today’s homes.

Types of Recliners

Recliners are all about offering the most comfort and convenience possible. From being able to rock back-and-forth, or even keeping drinks cold for you. The possibilities of different features are almost endless. Here are a few different types of recliners to consider when making your choice.

A standard recliner is what you would typically think about when you imagine a traditional recliner. They have a back that is movable when you push back on it, and a footrest that extends using a lever on the side of the chair. There are also variations of these called ‘wall-saving recliners’ which require less room behind them to fully recline, helping them fit into a tighter space with ease.

These types of recliners are available in a wide variety of different materials such as leather, faux leather, heavy duty fabric, and even camouflage print, so suit any home décor.

When shopping for a recliner, possibly the most important thing to do other than measuring to make sure it fits in your space, it sitting on it. A recliner is like a pair of shoes, looks are important, but comfort is key. Test the reclining mechanism to ensure that it works smoothly, and doesn’t squeak.

Choosing a recliner is a very personal decision, so don’t take somebody else’s recommendation, try out a bunch of different ones to find what suits you best. Here at Buddy’s we stock a wide range of recliners to suit any home décor and budget. Call us at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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