How to buy a great rent to own recliner!

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rent to own brasher reclinerWhich chair is the right chair? Rocker recliners, think traditional Ashley Furniture models, rock when in an upright position and lower fully with the use of a simple lever. They start at about $7.99 a week but expect to pay $12.99 a week for a recliner with additional options. A trendier option for the style-conscious these days is a push-back recliner, which will lower when you lean back. This style also requires only 6” of space between a wall and the chair, compared to more than 12” or more needed for the traditional recliner.

No matter the type of recliner you choose, verify that there is not more than 5” gap between the seat and the open foot rest. If you do not find a model with a proper gap, it will be possible for kids and pets to get tangled and injured. The same rule needs to apply to the lever; you need to make sure small hands will not get pinched or stuck in the mechanism.

Try sitting on it!

A recliner is a lot like a pair of shoes; comfort needs to be the focus. When you are shopping for a recliner, have your family and friends who will spend the most time in the recliner sit in it for at least five minutes. Test the footrest to make sure it is easy for anyone to use. Listen for weird noises that may indicate loose parts. Ask yourself:

  • How is the recliner cushioning?
  • Does the headrest do a good job of supporting my neck?
  • Do my feet comfortably touch the floor when the back is fully upright?

Focus on the frame!

Experts explain it is usually non-moving parts that break on a comfortable chair. Take a look at the underside of the recliner, or sample “cutaways” from the manufacturer. You will want to see heavy-duty hardware, not small screws or plastic fasteners.

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