How a Space Heater Can Save You Money: it makes cents

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Have you heard that space heaters are a power drain? Contrary to popular opinion, the opposite can be true. Space heaters are affordable investments you can place strategically around the home for localized heat. During the dead of winter, these can rent to own space heateroffset your energy bills and keep you feeling warm and cozy. Here’s how to save money with a space heater:

  • Turn down the thermostat at night. If you only need to keep one or two rooms warm in the evening hours, use a space heater to provide heat instead of centralized heating and air. You will be warm in your bed without heating the entire house unnecessarily.
  • Choose a space heater that fits your space. The square footage a space heater heats will provide the information you need to stay warm for less. Avoid using a space heater in a room that’s too large for the unit for maximum savings.
  • Choose infrared for efficiency. For rooms where you’ll be sitting or working in front of the heater, infrared technology provides efficient warmth. These are also good choices for rooms you use for a short period of time, like the bathroom.
  • Look for newer models. Each year, the efficiency of space heaters gets better. Look for heaters that have current safety ratings that cut on and off based on thermostat settings.

To learn more about space heaters or to rent one for your home, visit your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings today.

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