Healthy Choices for Movie and Game Nights – Rent to Own Living Room

Jan 27, 2014 Comments Off on Healthy Choices for Movie and Game Nights – Rent to Own Living Room by

Now that New Year’s has come and gone, the hard work of sticking to those resolutions comes along. Many of us make the resolution each and every year to make healthier choices when it comes to our eating. And, guess what, our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are the easy part! By now, we might be finding that there are many new menu items we can incorporate that our family love! And we might be making great strides in eating more meals at the dining table as a family and less sitting on the sofa or in front of our computers.

But what about snacks? Snacks can be a real downfall to the best laid plans for healthy eating. And, let’s face it, part of the fun when the family gathers around to watch the newest DVD on the television, or when we are gathered around a hot game of Monopoly set up on the coffee table. This is when it’s important to stick to our resolutions and come up with some delicious yet healthy snacks for the family. A favorite that your family can try is hot air popped popcorn. The trick to making popcorn flavorful without resorting to plenty of butter is seasonings. Try black pepper, or Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning. Parmesan Cheese can be tasty too, or chili powder. Let your imagination go wild and try a few fun flavorings on your next batch of popcorn. Spices are flavorful and won’t add any calories or fats to your snack. Fresh vegetables like baby carrots, broccoli and celery is another great choice. Try using a greek yogurt dip for a healthy choice. The possibilities are endless, don’t let snacktime be your family’s downfall when it comes to sticking to healthy choices!

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