HDD vs SSD: What Does it Mean?

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In recent years, there was little choice in what kind of storage you were able to get in your laptop. Some of the slimmest laptops had a Solid State Drive (SSD), where pretty much every other laptop had a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). These days though, it’s possible to configure your laptop with either an HDD, SSD, or sometimes even both. How is one to choose though? What is the difference rent to own laptopbetween a HDD and SSD? This is what you need to know:

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
A traditional hard drive (HDD) is your basic storage on a laptop. It’s nonvolatile meaning that it isn’t erased when the laptop is turned off. This is what’s found in 90% of laptops on the market, and has been the industry standard for years, making costs low. Essentially, a standard hard drive is a metal disc with a magnetic coating that spins at thousands of revolutions per minute. The magnetic coating stores your data whether it be your collection of movies, or that term paper you just finished. An arm hovers over the disc within the hard drive and retrieves data as needed.

SSD (Solid State Drive)
A solid state drive accomplishes the same task as a traditional HDD, but instead of using spinning metal discs to store information, your information is stored on a series of flash memory chips similar to what is in your smartphone to store information.

What does this mean?
How does this translate into your laptop buying experience? Generally, a traditional HDD is much lower cost for the amount of memory you get, creating a computer with more memory at a lower cost than that of an equivalent SSD. A solid state drive has the advantage of using no moving parts, making the drive much more resistant to damage, and also operates much faster than a traditional HDD, making booting up your computer a few second process instead of a few minute process.

The decision to go with a HDD or SSD in your computer is based largely on personal preference and what the computer will be used for, but this information will get you pointed in the right direction when you begin shopping. Buddy’s stocks a wide variety of cutting edge laptop and desktop computers. Give us a call today at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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