Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Nov 28, 2013 Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving to All! by

Thanksgiving is here, the day of family and friends gathered around the dining table, too much to eat, and too much football on television. Every family has their own little way of celebrating as well as their own special recipes they look forward to all year.

What are your family’s traditions? If you are a young couple or family, you might find yourselves far away from home for the first time, and be feeling a little homesick for the holidays. It’s totally natural – after all, what is Thanksgiving without Uncle Ted laying back in the recliner snoring after the meal? But, in all seriousness, don’t let the blues overtake your day. Start your own holiday traditions if you are just starting out. Let the kids get involved, and it’s always nice at this time of year to invite someone who might find themselves alone to dine with your family. Another option is to volunteer at one of the many community Thanksgiving dinners where those less fortunate might find a hot cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you are at your house on the sofa or ready to hit the big sales, wherever you are, enjoy the day, be thankful for all the people you love in your life, and for all you have, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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