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Dorm rooms are one of the most common living arrangements for students in college. They tend to be small, and are typically shared by at least 2 and up to 4 people in one room. Even if you don’t live in a dorm during college, it is always important to Products for studentshave the right products to help get you through the day. Here are what we think are some must-haves for students.

Multipurpose Electronics

One thing that almost all students have use for is a computer. Some dorms are so small that even storing a full size laptop can be a problem. Luckily, tablets have become so capable that they have started to replace laptops for note-taking. Using a tablet for school has many advantages, one of the biggest being versatility. You can slide it in your backpack or keep it next to your bed with ease, then connect a keyboard in class to take notes on. They tend to have long battery life, and run silently with no fans like a laptop has, making it great for class.


In college, privacy can be something that is hard to come by. Whether it be in class, walking to class, riding the bus home, or in your dorm room, you are around other people most of the time. Being surrounded can make it hard to hear yourself think, so investing in a good set of headphones can be a great way to help solve this. You can drown out the world around you while you study, or just think about the day ahead while listening to your favorite music in style.

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