Give Your Office a Productivity Makeover

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Give Your Office a Productivity Makeover

Sitting in an empty office staring at a computer screen isn’t only boring. It’s been proven that the wrong office environment can lead to lower productivity. So it can pay (literally) to have an office space that is conducive to your work. Check out Buddy’s Home Furnishings’ 5 tips to create the perfect office.

  1. Get the colors right. Different colors have different effects on our mood. It’s true! Colors like blue and yellow are great for an office. Blue has been shown to boost productivity and keep you calm while yellow creates a feeling of optimism and motivation.
  2. Don’t sit all day. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious long-term health risks and can leave you feeling tired and fuzzy headed short-term. Consider a desk that can switch between sitting and standing. This will allow you to get your blood pumping by standing while you work, but will also let you rest by sitting when you’re tired.
  3. Collaborate and listen. Today’s office culture tends to put a lot of focus on working as a team and collaborating. Keep your office open. Instead of individual desks or cubicles, maybe have one or two large tables that everyone can share. This creates a space where people can easily share thoughts or ideas without feeling cut off from everyone else.
  4. Cut the clutter. Nothing distracts you like having stuff everywhere. And when you spend five minutes looking for a file, you’re wasting valuable work time. Keep your area tidy and provide a space for everything. Knick-knacks are fun but can lead to overpopulation quickly. Have a filing system in place as well as a fun yet minimalistic design throughout your space to keep you happy but not diverted.
  5. Become one with nature. Science says it’s so: we work better with real sunlight. Try and keep an office that has uninterrupted sunshine for at least part of the day. Sunlight keeps us feeling awake and motivated. Additionally, having a small plant on your desk can improve the oxygen in the room and can actually improve focus.

Investing some time and money into your office can easily pay for itself in added productivity. And when it comes to furnishing your office, we want to help. At Buddy’s you’ll find rental furniture that suits all needs. Find your nearest Buddy’s Home Furnishings location and stop in today.

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