Football Season is Here! Watch the Game in Comfort

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It’s October and we all know what that means. Between collegiate football and the NFL, we’re gearing up for an exciting season. As the weather cools, more and more days will be spent with friends and family, huddled around the TV cheering on our favorite teams as they fight for the win.capchair

Since the staff at Buddy’s is full of NFL fans, they tend to take viewing the games pretty seriously. We took a poll to come up with the ultimate football-friendly furniture setup. After a few somewhat-heated debates, we came up with the following game day living room set.

The Captain’s Chair

This rent to own recliner from Ashley Furniture was dubbed “the Captain’s Chair” for good reason. There’s always one person that is putting everything on the line for this game. While the ball is in the air, the game is life. He needs his own seat to sit in…and jump out of.

The Sectional

We’ll call this “general seating.” Don’t let the name fool you, though. This rent to own sectional is second to none. While the captain is in his chair, everyone else will be able to lounge on this plush sectional, even reclining when the game is over and they realize how much energy they spent rooting for their team.

The TV

This 60” LG 1080P plasma screen TV brings you as close to the game as you can get without driving to the stadium. Our staff was unanimous; this is the absolute best rent to own TV on the market for experiencing the game.

The Stand

A TV that great deserves a throne. We’re in love with this rent to own Ashley Furniture TV stand and fireplace. Thanks to the coming chilly months, this heat source encased in a great piece of furniture is the perfect finishing touch for a great football game.

Buddy’s Home Furnishings hopes your football season will be filled with comfy furniture, great friends, and lots of wins.

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