Finding the Right TV Size

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Do you think bigger is always better when it comes to TVs, or do you want something you can easily see? Much of a television rent to own televisionbuying decision comes down to size. The size of your space, the size you prefer, and the size you can afford all factor into purchasing or renting a TV.

Here’s how you can find the size you need:

  1. Look at the space
    The optimal viewing position is roughly nine feet away from a TV screen that fills a significant portion of your field of vision. You may want to look at television choices in the store from a distance of nine feet.
  1. Consider your sitting distance
    If you plan to sit closer than nine feet to the television, you may want to consider pixilation. The closer you get, the more you’ll notice the pixels on a television, which means a smaller television might work better.
  1. Map it out
    If you’re still having trouble determining a good size, try cutting out a representation from cardboard and placing it in the area. Sit where you’d normally sit, and see how it looks aesthetically and how much larger or smaller it might have to be to provide a remarkable viewing experience.

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