Find the Best Size TV for Your Room

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With all of the advances in television technology in the recent months, TV’s have been growing in size because of the huge leaps in resolution. A new 4k TV has roughly double the resolution of a 1080p television, which was the cutting edge of technology rent to own televsionsjust a little over a year ago. This has allowed manufacturers to offer display sizes which dwarf those of the past. A more traditional HD display is now available up to around 90 inches, and UHD displays are available up to a whopping 110 inches in size. With all of those options, it’s important to choose one that will fulfill your needs.

Measure First

Have you ever walked into an electronics store, looked at all the TVs hanging on the wall and thought, man, these all look the same? That’s because you don’t have any points of reference for their size, so you may end up with a display that is way too small, or too large. The best way to get around this is to measure a few things first. Take a tape measure, and measure the area that the TV will live. Write down the length, width, and diagonal measurements to take with you.

Viewing Distanct

The next measurement to consider is how far away you’ll be sitting from the TV. This used to be much more critical before the invention of HD and UHD televisions because if you sat too close, you could actually see the individual pixels, making the display seem unclear. You want to choose a display that is large enough to immerse you in what you’re watching, but not so large as to give you neck problems while watching.

A general guideline to follow is that for every 2 inch increase in display size, the minimum viewing distance increases by 3 inches. Starting at 28 inches, which has a minimum distance of 3.5 feet, up to a 60 inch display with a minimum distance of 7.5 feet.

It can seem daunting to find the right TV for you with all the options available today, but by taking a few simple measurements, you can make the right choice.

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