Features to Look for in a Laptop in 2016

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It wasn’t all that long ago that nearly anybody who used a laptop could be counted on to replace them every three years or so, because technology was advancing so quickly that anything much rent to own laptopolder than that felt antiquated. Factors like the economy in recent years, and competing devices such as tablets have caused that upgrade cycle to lengthen significantly. It makes sense, who wants to spend hundreds on a device that is only marginally better or faster than what they have now?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your laptop in 2016, there are some features that will help you see huge benefits from a new laptop. Here are some of the features we think are must-haves in 2016:

USB Type-C Charging

These days, USB is being used for almost every use imaginable. They write data to your flash drive, charge your smartphone, and even operate your wireless mouse. USB Type-C is the newest version of USB which is able to carry power and data in a single wire, allowing you to charge your laptop and do things like transfer files with one standard cable. Not all laptops are equipped with Type-C just yet, but those that are can use a wide variety of chargers, docks, and monitors.

OLED Displays

We’ve been spoiled by the crisp, bright displays of our smartphones which make our laptop screens look dim and dull. Some of the best smartphones on the market use OLED displays which are more than twice as bright as a traditional LCD or LED display. While this technology hasn’t become totally mainstream with laptops, it’s a feature to be on the lookout for in 2016.

Windows 10 Preloaded

With the previous version of Windows being generally thought of as being user-unfriendly, it actually kept many people form buying PCs. However, Windows 10 has fixed these issues with its quick and snappy response times, improved Start menu, and a host of new apps to suit any need.

While the growth of technology has slowed somewhat from recent years, there are still great reasons to upgrade if your laptop is more than a few years old. Luckily, Buddy’s stocks a wide range of laptops with the newest technology, at the lowest prices. Give us a call today at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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