Do you have the best TV for football season?

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Football is back!  Are you in multiple fantasy leagues? Do you insist on having people over to watch a variety of NFL games on Sunday? Perhaps you are a die-hard fan of your college team and you bust out the jersey, beer koozie and snacks for every game. Whatever your reason for getting hyped about football season, you will want the best TV for watching the games, right? Of course!

Things to keep in mind when buying a TV for watching football:


What Size:

The bigger your TV, the better! A larger TV helps you feel like you are actually at the game. A 46-inch TV would be a recommended minimum, but a 40-42-inch would still get an ideal viewing distance.

Do you want curved?

Samsung and LG are currently the only two manufacturers offering curved TV screens. Some benefits include a greater a sense of depth and immersion and improved contrast performance compared to ‘non-curved’ screens.  

Blur Free motion

An LCD TV has a greater refresh rate to keep action looking smooth along with high contrast levels, deep blacks and comprehensive images.

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