Determining Which Wood is Right for You

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Wood is one of the most common home furnishing materials. It’s durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the right type of wood for your buddys home furnishinghouse can be a challenge. Carefully consider the following characteristics:

• Type. Wood comes from broad-leafed trees (hardwoods) and coniferous trees (softwood). Usually, higher-quality furniture is made from hardwood, because softwood furnishings are more prone to wear and tear. If you have pets or small children, hardwood is probably better, no matter how good the softwood furnishings are.

• Grain. All wood pieces have unique grain patterns, although individual wood types have a general type of grain. Alder, for example, has a very distinctive straight and porous grain. Cherry also has a straight grain, but smaller pores. Maple is a relatively subtle grain, unless you have bird’s-eye or tiger-striped maple. Cedar wood is knotty. Make certain you look at the various types of wood to see which you like best.

• Color. Woods have natural colors, from the subtle hues of maple and oak, the striations of hickory and birch, and the rich colors of cherry and redwood. Stains can either enhance or hide the natural color variations of the wood. If you like the aesthetic of wood, choose one with a stain that complements its natural color and grain.

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