Determining the Best Fireplace for Your House

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Fireplaces come in a variety of types and sizes; however, the main features of interest are aesthetics and warmth.buddy's home furnishings

If you want the aesthetic experience of having a fireplace, you should probably go for a gas or wood-burning unit. Although they do provide heat, their primary function is giving an area the sensory experience of a fireplace. Most people choose gas these days, because gas units are easier to install and have fewer issues with placement and materials that can’t be used around them. Although electric units have improved greatly through the years, they still can’t quite match the aesthetic that gas can provide.

Units designed for warmth are usually either electric units or space heaters. These units require less setup and special fuel than gas and wood fireplaces, but they put out just as much (if not more) heat. Buddy’s Home Furnishings has affordable rent to own portable heaters in stock to keep you warm in the cooler months. You can either complete the rental term and own it for next year, or return it to the store. There’s no commitment on your end, so you can choose what’s best for your home.

Stay warm this winter! Enjoy the cooler months and stop in to Buddy’s for portable heaters, rent to own furniture, and more.

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