Deck-Ready for Summer

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With spring approaching, now is the time to consider the elements that will make your deck a viable
option for entertaining friends and family throughout the coming months of favorable weather.

An assortment of fire pits and grills are available to make cooking and barbecuing for guests both fun
and practical.

Fire pits come in a variety of material types such as cast iron, copper, stainless steel, and even stone.
They are available in wood, gas and propane burning styles as well as different shapes such as round,
hexagon, octagon, pentagon, rectangle and square. Licensed plumbers or professional gas installers
should be resources for installing some of the units that require natural gas for fuel.

There are three basic types of barbecue grill: Gas, Charcoal, and Electric. Each type has its own
specific benefits, and choosing a model that fits your cooking needs, available space and budget are

Furnishing options to consider will be influenced by overall seating needs as well as durability and
function, from basic benches and tables to lounge chairs and outdoor sectionals. Patio and deck dining
sets are made in several configurations, and the materials that outdoor furniture is built with ranges
from traditional wrought iron to aluminum and wicker. There are even sets that are fabricated using
recycled plastic, for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Protecting your investment in deck accessories from the elements is always a good decision, and there
are myriad ways of accomplishing this as well. Awnings and patio umbrellas are both good choices as
far as UV protection goes, and porticos will provide ample protection from inclement weather as well
as adding value to the overall worth of your home.

Making your deck ready for summer may seem like an arduous undertaking, but with minimal
investment and careful consideration, anyone can make the additions to their outdoor patio or deck to
create an accessible and practical entertainment area for many engagements to come, this season and
those to follow.

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