Cool Your House Affordably

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It was hot in my house. When I say it was hot, I really mean it was 82 º before 10AM. That made it miserable in the 42-76080 8000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditionerhouse and Florida summer isn’t even half completed. If you’d like some tips on trying to keep it kind of cool during the day, without air conditioning, I’ll try to help, but this post is also meant to give you a better understanding on how rent to own window air conditioners can be an affordable option, for those of you who’d prefer not to end up in a puddle.

If you live in the south and don’t have central air conditioning, or you do and you can’t afford to have it serviced or repaired right now, there’s a systematic approach you can take to keep your home from getting too hot. Almost all of us either don’t realize or forget that central air conditioning wasn’t found in most homes before the 1970s. Prior to that, we’d all learned how to optimize electric fans and we got along fine for more than seventy years. If you’re making due without central air conditioner, you’ll want to fall back on the electric fan, specifically the box fan. You need to place the fans in the windows of major rooms and you’ll want to use half of the fans to pull air in, and fans at the opposite end of the house to push hot air out. A cross-breeze is essential to clearing the hot air, particularly in mid-July when there isn’t much wind. You’ll want to try to keep the windows open until at least 5AM, so you can get the indoor temperature as low as possible before you close the windows, and seal-off your home from the rest of the world until late afternoon.

The bubble boy lifestyle didn’t mesh well with my family, my dogs like to patrol the yard too often and it’s really a lot harder to stay indoors than you’d imagine. I started investigating small window air conditioning units, the kind that are easily installed and just as easily removed. It turns out that they’re so popular for combatting the heat and humidity for just those reasons. The problem I found with window air conditioners is that some stores treat them like they’re cheap toys that are designed to be replaced every one or two years and, to be frank, I couldn’t afford to buy something that would need constant repairs. I needed a window air conditioning unit that was built to last, and I found reliable models at Buddy’s Home Furnishings, I actually leased one for my living room and one for my bedroom.

If you’re not sure how to feel about me finding durable and affordable air conditioning units, don’t worry because I’d be sweating and confused too. The good news is, it’s possible for you to get one of these hard-working units too for only $10.99 per week under a rent to own agreement. That size air conditioner will cool a room that’s 350 square feet, almost 100 square feet bigger than the average living room. That’s right, for a no more than $12.99 per week, because there are different sizes available, you can be cooling your home with magically cool gas and not hot air!

Like I said, it was hot in my house. It was 82 º before 10AM, but now we’re living with temperatures that average about 77 º at the worst part of the day. Life is comfortable and a rent to own window air conditioner can do the same for you and your family!

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