Choosing the Right Dining Room Table

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Picking a dining room table can be a daunting task. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from, but following these guidelines can make it much less to own furniture

Make sure you pick a table big enough to fit all your guests, but try to leave enough room around it so you can walk around the table. An easy measurement to make is to see the distance between the table and wall, try to leave yourself about 45” to walk between them.

The width of your table should be at least three feet to make sure you have ample room for all that delicious holiday food. Tables typically get wider as they get longer, so keep that in mind as well.

Round tables are an excellent option if you have a little bit smaller dining area, as they allow you to seat more people in a smaller space. They also don’t have the sharp corners that traditional tables have, which makes them safer for the little ones so they don’t bump their heads.

A more traditional rectangular table works better in rooms that are long and narrow because it better allows people to walk around it. Just remember that the table will get wider, the longer it is. A good rule of thumb to use for seating a rectangular table is:

  • 4’ long seats 4 people
  • 5-6’ seats 6 people
  • 7’ long seats 8 people
  • 8-9’ long seats 10 people

This will help keep you from getting a table that’s too big for your needs.

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