Choosing the Right Color for your Home Decor

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Choosing a color scheme for your home décor isn’t nearly as daunting as most folks fear. But, it is an important decision to make when it comes to setting the tone and mood of your home. How do you decide? There are quite a few factors to consider.

Every year colors come into style and go out of style. What is wildly popular last year is nowhere to be seen this year. This is true in clothing styles of course, and it’s also true when it comes to home decoration.

Colors used in homes may stay popular for longer than a season, but they do indeed become dated.  Think back to some of the popular colors of yesteryear. This can be most telling in appliances.  Many years ago, in the 50’s and 60’s, turquoise was a popular color for a refrigerator!  In the 70’s, styles changed and “Harvest Gold” and “Avocado Green” were popular shades. In the 70’s we saw “Harvest Gold” and “Avocado Green” refrigerators, small appliances, carpets, furniture, walls, and more! We couldn’t get enough of it. Fast forward a few years and those shades became passé. In the 80’s white and buff colored appliances were the way to go. Eventually, black got into the mix. Stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators and small appliances now come in quite a few options, with the most popular and upscale look at present being stainless steel appliances. Now, you can even find a washer and dryer in a bright red or blue! It is probably only a matter of time before the turquoise refrigerators are back.

As far as furniture goes, there is more to consider than what the current popular shade is, and of course there are many, many more color choices than there are for appliances.

One of the first considerations is whether the furniture will blend nicely with your wall color and flooring? A good rule of thumb is to keep warm shades with warm and cool shades with cool. This means that usually, a grey couch (cool shade) on a tan carpet (warm shade) is not going to make either one look their best. However, carpet manufacturers have become wise to this issue, and today many carpets like a Berber pile will feature tones of both tan AND grey. This is very helpful if you live in a rented apartment and want your furniture to go nicely with the carpet, and one of the reasons that this sort of carpeting is so often used in rental properties.  Natural floors like wood and tile have more flexibility when it comes to the colors used with them, simply because they have natural warmth themselves and go with almost anything.

Another important consideration when it comes to the color of the furniture you choose is if that color makes you feel good! We all have colors that make us feel energized, relaxed, happy, or even nervous. This is why soft colors are often chosen for the bedroom, they help create a relaxing atmosphere. A couch and loveseat are two pieces of furniture that you will use often and for several years. Make sure that you choose a color that YOU like, and that makes you feel comfortable, when you select your rent to own living room furniture.

Another consideration when choosing living room furniture colors is lifestyle. Many of us love the modern and elegant look of a white couch and side chair, with a white area rug below it. But if your life includes children, or dogs, or if you have frequent parties and get-togethers, this might not be a practical choice for you! Let’s face it, as much fun as children, pets and parties all are, they create messes, so think twice before committing to white furnishings. A better choice if white is your favorite look might be to select neutral or darker colored furniture pieces in tans or greens, browns or grays, and then accessorize with stark white lamps, vases or decorative pieces.

Whichever colors you choose when selecting furniture, remember that it’s OK to mix and match and that it looks great to throw in some accent colors to make things pop. A couple throw pillows in this year’s hot orange are an easy way to have a stylish and current décor in your home, yet they are easy to replace with next year’s shades when the current styles have changed.

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