Choosing the Right Bedframe for Your Room

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A bedframe is the finishing touch of any bedroom. You could have a chest-of-drawers, nightstands, and other furnishings, but rent to own bedframeswithout a bedframe, the room will look unfinished or even sloppy. Before you choose a frame or a suite for your room, consider more than the color and style of the furnishings.

Does the bedframe:

  • Give you enough room?
    If you have long legs, your feet may stick slightly off the end of your bed most nights. If you have a bedframe that closes off the space at the end of the bed, you’ve lost those precious extra inches of comfort.
  • Offer the right height?
    It’s not fun to get into a bed that’s too low to the ground or too high. Make sure your bed frame will situate your bed at an appropriate height when it’s all put together. Pull out the measuring tape at the store to get the answers you need.

If you want a cohesive look in your room, look for a set that offers the storage, accessibility, and room you need. At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, our rent to own bedroom sets come in a variety of popular styles and setups so you can find the right bedframe and set to match your needs. Visit our showroom today to learn more.

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