Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Home in 3 Steps

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Rugs can be tricky to select. If you get the size wrong, either you give the impression of wall-to-wall carpeting for rugs that are too large or an “I dropped my laundry on the floor” effect for those that are too small.buddy's home furnishings

Consider these 3 things when picking out a rug:

  1. Match the rug to color in the room

If you start with a rug, you should probably do this the opposite way, but even if you begin with an already painted room, you can still adjust the colors so the rug fits. Use the rug’s colors in accents like pillows, linens, drapes, and wall hangings. Choose a rug that complements the room’s base color without exactly matching it.

  1. Consider the material

In high-traffic areas, synthetic materials (such as nylon or polypropylene) are generally your best choices. Both are durable and stain-resistant. Cotton can be less expensive, but it doesn’t wear as well. However, it’s machine washable. Plant fibers are good for outdoor use because they’re water resistant, but they’re difficult to clean.

  1. Find the right size

Fit the rug to the space. Rugs that furniture sits on should be slightly larger than the furniture. Entryway or transitional rugs should be slightly narrower than the space. Circular rugs should be centered underneath a fixture.

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