Choosing the Best Furniture for Small Apartments

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The right furniture arrangement can make any room feel bigger. A small apartment can seem open and inviting if you choose the correct furniture and the room is laid out well. Buddy – Choosing the Best Furniture for Small Apartments Image

  1. Choose Compact Furniture – Find pieces that are lightweight and unobtrusive. Make sure to take measurements of the room you are trying to outfit and consider what size furniture would fit best.
  2. Utilize Storage – It can be easy to have more items than places to store them in a small space. Look for furniture that can serve a dual purpose – beds that have storage underneath or a small table that becomes a larger table as needed.
  3. Keep an Eye on Material – Anything that is glass or mirrored is going to make your space feel bigger. Glass lets an eye see through to the other side and mirrors give the illusion of more space.
  4. Observe the Flow – See how people walk through the room and if they enter and exit at certain spots. Ensure that the furniture placement makes traffic flow through the room easy.

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