Choosing a New TV for the Super Bowl

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rent to own tvPreparing your home for a Super Bowl party this weekend? You’ve got the grill ready to cook hamburgers and hot dogs, the kitchen is stocked with everybody’s favorite snacks, and you’ve loaded up on drinks of all sorts. The only thing missing is a new HD television to top it all off. The TV is the centerpiece of the experience at a Super Bowl party, so here are some tips for picking the best one for you.

Ignore the advertisements and hype

Television companies all claim to have the highest refresh rates and best contrast ratios. The best way to sort out which is best for you is to look at as many as possible, side-by-side. Football will really put your TV to the test with its vibrant colors and fast moving players. TV’s with a lower refresh rate tend to blur when the image is moving quickly, which can create a distraction. Renting a TV is a great way to experiment and find what works best without risk.

Know your budget

When you go to pick out a new TV, know exactly how much you’re willing to spend so that you can focus on TV’s in that range. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where great looking, high definition TV’s are available in almost any price range.

Consider sound quality

With modern TV’s becoming so thin, and their chassis’ becoming almost non-existent, the sound quality is often subpar when compared to the picture quality. There are some TV’s that offer a slightly larger chassis which house more powerful speakers, but for the ultimate in a modern-looking, great sounding setup, invest in a soundbar to accompany the TV.

At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, we stock a wide range of soundbars and high definition TV’s that are perfect for the big game, and suit almost any budget.

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