Choosing a Great Coffee Table for Your Space

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Your coffee table may serve purely as a beautiful piece to tie the room together, or it may be your workstation for the living rent to own coffee tableroom. The way you use your space should inform decisions about furniture rentals. Here are the functional vs. aesthetic considerations to keep in mind before you make any purchase:

  • Storage
    Be realistic with yourself. If you’re a person who heavily uses the coffee table while you’re catching up on the latest episode of your favorite television show, that’s okay. Look for a coffee table that lets you hide your various projects when necessary.
  • Style
    Your home has a personality, and so do you. Your job as a homeowner or renter is to find that personality and choose complementary furniture pieces. There are tons of different styles of coffee tables to choose from, so decide whether you’re going for classic, traditional, modern, or industrial before you head out to the store.
  • Shape and size
    The size of your living room or den will also affect your coffee table considerations. Measure the sofa and how far out you’d be willing to sacrifice floor space. Think about leg room, height, and width before trying to visualize a piece that works in your space.

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