Building Fourth of July Traditions

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Overexposed Polaroid – Buddy’s Home Furnishings SummerBack when we were kids, the Fourth of July felt like an overexposed Polaroid photo, the kind of image that was so blazingly bright that it was tough to guess what it was all about. Yeah, parents and family friends talked about the birthplace of our independence, but all that mattered was that school was still out and you’d be spending a day lighting M90 firecrackers and eating too many hot dogs and, if you were really lucky, you’d be watching fireworks in the park or on a boat.

We’re now living in a time where nothing feels quite as blinding bright as it did when we were eight-years old in 1985, 1990 or even the year 2000. Our life is lived in HD and that can be scary and overwhelming, but it isn’t too late for you to build positive family traditions. Traditions allow you to add a rhythm and feel to life, they bind us together like breakfast around the kitchen table, they give us something to joyful to look forward to, and they’re just fun.

If you’re from a family that has done the Fourth of July big for years, you’ll be used to packing morning until night with activities. For those of you who haven’t lived like this, but you want to get off of the sofa and do something, we share how some of our Buddy’s Home Furnishings associates do the holiday. We want to help you build family traditions!

Purchase and hang the flag:

If you’ve achieved home ownership since July 2015, a fantastic way to celebrate your personal independence is to purchase a flag and nylon mounting bracket. Once home from the local hardware store, you’ll want to find a place of prominence for mounting the bracket and, if you’re worried about the tools involved, rest assured that it should only require a screwdriver. Hanging the flag doesn’t require any type of ceremony, just put it up and think about how far you’ve come in a year!

Find and attend a parade:

After rolling out of bed and hanging the flag, hit your laptop to look for a 4th of July parade. In St. Petersburg, FL there’s a children’s parade on the holiday and, as is implied by its name, it’s for the tiny local patriots. If you’re worried that a parade will be weird, you shouldn’t be because parades are pretty tried and true, year after year. The parade isn’t meant to be about interesting new things, the important thing is the sense of community when you’re watching the neighborhood Boy Scout troop make its way through the parade route. We love parades!

Hit the local fireworks show:

It’s fun to light-off bottle rockets in your own backyard but it’s one of those activities that works best out in the country, a better idea is to hit the local fireworks display. Look for a place that you and the kids can sprawl on the grass and watch the sky come alive with vibrant bursts of color. It’s really the best way to end a day of new family traditions, fun and memories!

No matter if you like to hit the local fireworks stand or you always plan an epic day manning the charcoal grill, we’d love it if you shared ideas for how people can make their own Fourth of July special with us on Facebook.

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