Blessings Come In All Sizes and Shapes

Nov 27, 2013 Comments Off on Blessings Come In All Sizes and Shapes by

What do we all have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving? This evening, we had a baby boy born in the family. Obviously, that is something the family will give thanks for in just two days, as they gather around the dining room table for a celebration. But, not all blessings are quite so obvious as a healthy baby boy.

Let’s consider for a moment the family that has suffered financial hardship this year but managed to struggle through, week after week, can celebrate their courage, their tenacity, and their creativity. Because it takes all of those things to make it when you are officially “broke”. Perhaps things are still tough, and they are sharing their meal gathered around the coffee table, thinking of better times ahead when their finances stabilize and their home is fully furnished. They will get there! And they are making it, week after week.

How about the young adult who finds themselves alone in a new city, perhaps starting a new job and living on their own for the first time. How exciting! Yes, it may be true that they cannot travel home to experience Thanksgiving like they have every year up to now. Maybe they are already sure their Thanksgiving will be spent on the sofa, watching DVD’s on the television. But, they are on the cusp of a new adventure, and in a perfect opportunity to branch out. Perhaps they can volunteer this Thanksgiving and in doing so, will meet their first great friends in a new community.

Life is full of blessings and challenges. Sometimes the road is rough and sometimes it is unexpected. Embrace your challenges this year and on this Thanksgiving, find your blessings.

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