Back to School: Creating the Perfect Homework Station

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The new school year is approaching fast. This year, get your kids motivated to try their hardest by creating a homework station that will keep them focused on doing their best work.

Since finding time during the week to be with your family can be tough, we at Buddy’s Home Furnishings recommend using the dining room table as the designated homework spot. This way, everyone can be together, making homework time more fun and collaborative. Make sure your dining room table is big enough to accommodate a lot of paper, books, and notebooks. Also, try and find a table that can take a hit. Gouges from rogue pencils or pens are a possibility.

The most important aspect of a homework station behind the table is the lighting. Ensure that the room your kids are working in has plenty of light that isn’t too harsh on the eyes. If natural light is hard to come by, find a couple of soft lamps that will fill the room with light without straining the little ones’ eyes.

Make sure you have plenty of storage for papers, books, notebooks, art supplies, etc. Shelves or cubbies with baskets are great for this purpose and make cleaning off the table before dinner a snap. Having everything right in the room, rather than stored away in their bedrooms, makes it easy for the kids to grab what they need.

Consider getting a family laptop. Because of the convenient portability laptops have, they’re great as family computers. It can be used at the table during homework time and then later on the couch after the kids have gone to bed.

Finish off the room with accents like a family calendar on the wall to keep projects and due dates straight as well as fun (but not distracting) pictures or art on the walls.

When it’s all finished, you’ll have a homework station that brings the family together and makes those never-ending homework assignments a little more fun.

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