Arm Your Home Against Noise

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Between traffic on the street, your child practicing their instrument, and the boisterous neighbors next door, the potential for noise disruption can be quite high. Since your home is supposed to be the one place you can escape from the world, this can be a problem.

When you’re trying to block out noise, the thing you need to remember is that you’re trying to absorb the sound. Think of the inside of an auditorium or music room. Generally, the floor will be carpeted, with big fabric geometric-shaped pieces hanging on the wall. This is to absorb the sound and prevent echo.

You can replicate this quieting effect in your home.

Cover any non-carpeted flooring with a carpet or rug. The thicker and fuller the carpet is, the better it will work. Next, hang heavy curtains. Not only will heavy curtains help with sound, but they’ll block unwanted light and can be a great stylistic piece in a room. If sound is coming through a wall without windows, place heavy furniture pieces up against it. For example, a large wooden bookcase or cabinet filled with books and linens will do wonders to insulate your wall and absorb sound.

Sometimes, noise is inevitable. Before believing peace and quiet is a lost cause, try setting up your home to absorb more sound and see what it does.

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