Appliance Rental: New Uses for Ice Cube Trays

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New Uses for Ice Cube Trays

Wow! A wonderful, new refrigerator with all the upgrades like ice-maker, water dispenser, plenty of freezer room, and lots of drawers for produce and meats is proudly sitting in your kitchen! That is wonderful! There is nothing like a new, shiny appliance to let you know you are moving up in the world.

Now that your new Refrigerator is in place, and it’s making ice all on its own with no need for ice cube trays, you might be tempted to toss those old ice cube trays from your old refrigerator into the trash. Not so fast! You might be surprised to find that there are many clever ideas for using those ice cube trays. Here are a few of the best!

1. The next time you are preparing dinner and use pesto or tomato sauce, or other such sauces, rather than toss out any remainders, freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays. When they are frozen solid, pop them into a ziplock bag or freezer container and use them as handy flavorings and condiments for cooking.

2. When a recipe calls for egg yolks, often there is nothing to do with the whites except feed them to the dog or pour them down the drain. Next time this happens, freeze the leftovers in your ice cube trays then store. These egg whites can be used in recipes or thawed out and added to scrambled eggs and omelets as needed. The same goes for whole eggs and the yolks too, so if you find yourself with too many eggs in the Refrigerator, simply freeze some for future use.

3. Ice cube trays are the perfect size for kid-friendly and healthy frozen treats. Blend fresh juice with strawberries, bananas, and other fresh fruits and distribute into the trays. Cover each cube with a square of foil, and then push a popsicle stick through each one and freeze. These healthy frozen treats are just the right size for little ones!

4. Freeze cookie dough in ice cube trays and store for perfect, cookie-sized dollops ready for baking! Your family will love how easily you can pop a few in the oven for a heavenly afternoon treat.

5. Don’t limit yourself to using ice cube trays only in the Freezer, they make great organizer trays for desk items, jewelry, craft items, or screws and nails. And, they make great paint trays when doing craft projects.

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