Advantages to Watching a Curved TV

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Curved TV’s sort of popped up out of nowhere, and now they’re all the rage in the electronics scene since big manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony announced entire ranges of curved TV’s. Sales of curved TV’s are eclipsing sales of traditional flat-panel rent to own televisionsTV’s 3-to-1 in some cases, so curved TV’s may be around for a while. There are many advantages to watching a curved TV, these are just a few of the major ones.

A More Immersive Viewing Experience

The world around us isn’t flat, and neither are our eyes, so why should the TV screen we watch be flat? Our eyes being round gives us peripheral vision, which adds to our perception of depth. The curving of the TV screen attempts to replicate that peripheral sensation, increasing the depth of the image on the screen, which helps you feel like you’re a part of the action on-screen.

A Wider Field of View

This point sort of relies on you sitting near the middle of the screen, but since the edges of a curved TV come out towards you, they appear to fill your field of view than a flat screen.

A Sharper Image at the Edge of the Screen

Traditional flat-panel TV’s don’t follow the natural curvature of your eye, which can cause images to appear fuzzy right around the edges of the screen, and is especially noticeable on larger screens, which is why many movie theaters and cinemas use curved screens, because any fuzziness around the edges would be extremely apparent on such a large screen. A curved screen reduces these effects greatly, especially with a larger display.

Images Appear to Have More Depth

Unlike a traditional flat-panel TV that can only produce a 3D image using special technology or special glasses, curved TV’s naturally make the image appear 3D. This is caused by the curvature of the TV giving a physical foreground and background, much like the world around us. Some manufacturers are even using processing software to help the images work with the curved screen as well as possible.

Images Appear to Have More Contrast

This is due to a natural attribute of a curved screen. Since the screen is curved toward you, the light tends to focus more in your direction rather than scattering it all around the room, which can help deliver much more perceivable contrast.

A Wider Viewing Angle

With traditional flat-panel TV screens, you need to be sitting directly in front of the TV to get the most from the display. If you sit very far off to the side, the images lose color and contrast very quickly. Since the edges of a curved TV screen point towards you, the usual color and contrast loss is greatly reduced.

Curved TV’s may not be for everybody, but if you’re considering one, take this information into account. Give Buddy’s a call at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions you have about our products.

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