Accenting your Home Using Lighting

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Having lamps in your home is necessary to create enough light to see what you’re doing, but they can do much more than just generate light so we can see. You can use just a few strategically placed lamps throughout your home to completely change the mood. There are a few creative places you can add a lamp to change the mood in your home:rent to own lamps

  • In the kitchen

Sure, it’s great to have overhead lighting in your kitchen while you’re cooking or preparing meals, but afterwards when you’re trying to create a more relaxed mood in your home, those harsh overhead lights can be irritating. By placing a lamp in a nook or corner in the kitchen, you can add a nice soft glow any time.

  • In the bathroom

Showering or bathing should be relaxing, especially early in the morning when you’re still waking up. Placing a lamp away from the tub or shower, on a countertop or shelf can help eliminate the need for bright lighting in the mornings, and give your bathroom a relaxing feel.

  • In a walk-in closet

Walk-in closets typically have some sort of overhead lighting so you can see everything in your closet clearly. In the mornings though, we are very sensitive to bright lights, so adding a lamp to your closet while you’re getting ready can make your mornings much smoother.

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