6 Best Assistive Technology Apps for Tablets

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When it comes to technology and education, disabled students may stand to benefit the most. Technology has long been touted as a rent to own tabletsnewly discovered and highly effective teaching medium. Buddy’s has a wide selection of affordable rent to own tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. There are a variety of apps tested for the support of these individuals:

  1. ProloQuo2Go. A speech app for the iPad, ProloQuo2Go has several natural-sounding voice options and teaches sentence construction. It includes customizable vocabulary and predictive technology. It’s a bit of an investment at $219.99, but is well worth it for many.
  1. TalkTablet. Simpler than ProloQuo2Go, TalkTablet allows a speech-impaired child to communicate and costs $79.99.
  1. A scheduling app that can also help teach waiting skills, ChoiceWorks works for individuals or groups and is affordable at only $6.99.
  1. Hidden Curriculum for Kids. Designed for children on the autism spectrum, Hidden Curriculum for Kids helps these children understand the numerous social conventions people often take for granted. It’s available on iTunes for $1.99.
  1. Injini: Child Development Game Suite. This app was developed to help children with language and fine motor skill delays. For $29.99, you get a suite of games to help your child develop these capabilities.
  1. Dexteria. Dexteria takes advantage of the touch screen features of tablets, presenting hand exercises developed to increase fine motor control. It costs only $4.99, and the exercises should be performed routinely.

When handling children, you may find yourself wanting to avoid the expense of buying tablets. Buddy’s Home Furnishings can help, with rent to own tablets as low as $3.99/week.

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