55 years of customer service with Buddy’s Home Furnishings

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With the middle of the year now here, most of us have started to look back to assess what we’ve accomplished, Old orange ovenlearned and gained. This year we’ve been looking at 2016 from a different viewpoint, from that of the world in 1961. In research, we’ve been struck by how different the world looked then, how values and styles have shifted, and how we were all more carefree and innocent.

One thing we all tend to think about in the context of the “old days” is the service you receive at a local appliance store, the kind where a merchant like Buddy’s Home Furnishings founder Slat Slatton, or his trusted staff provided personal service. The service was based on how often you chose to make appliance purchases for your home, what you purchased, the size of your family and what new time-saving pieces would bring you back to the store. Many things have changed since we first opened our doors in 1961, key being the introduction of the digital age and the rise of the well-informed customer. You all have taken to digital technologies faster than was expected, you’ve embraced the flexibility and responsiveness of the internet, and you hope to be able to purchase furniture in a way to is problem-free. The sad part is that in the pursuit of your buying power, stores have decided to skip learning about you and trying to earn your loyalty.

Top-notch service didn’t need to go the way of the Eastman Kodak Company’s Brownie Starmite Camera, a popular gift in 1961. All that was required was embracing the same internet and social media world that you all made your home away from home. To build an online experience that matched the expectations of 1961 customers in a web-based world, we adopted the immediate responsiveness and flexibility of Facebook. Much like how Mr. Slatton and his team would learn about you through being open and helping you face the challenges of making new appliances affordable, we chose to do the same online. Real people like Gregory, Sandy and Pauline matter more to us than a piece of computer code that tells us what you will most likely purchase next. We appreciate you and we want you to be able to receive a response from a person who understands what it’s like to put their life back in order after a life-changing event.

Life, when John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, was full of things we’d call an anachronism now, an anachronism is like watching “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and noticing one of the zombies is wearing a circa-2016 pair of Adidas sneakers. We’re willing to bet that, rather than hearing about the construction of the Berlin Wall, you’d prefer to peruse our selection of ranges, none of which are available in the once ultra-popular orange. Feel free to run out to your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings or visit our digital team to let us know what you’re looking for, we aim to help. We look forward to learning your story!

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