5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy for Fall

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As the air cools this Fall, you should put extra effort into making your home feel cozier. Some quick tips for autumn accents include:buddy's home furnishings

Fallen Leaves

Use the things nature gives you to decorate. Whether it’s applying leaves to pumpkins or using branches with autumn fruits or leaves, a bit of the outdoors brought into your home can make your space feel warmer.

Use Wooden Furnishings

Wooden furniture pieces make a home feel warmer than glass, stone, or metal. Although there’s nothing wrong with furniture incorporating the other materials, accent furnishings should include wood, particularly warm woods such as cherry.

Gourds and Squashes

Although pumpkins are traditional for this time of year, other squashes can provide points of interest. Many stores sell a selection of small seasonal squashes. You can decorate these elements or leave them natural.


Light fixtures can make a space feel warmer, even discounting the physical warmth emitted by incandescent bulbs. Include fixtures that incorporate autumn colors or wood, both of which give the impression of warmth. Adding a rent to own floor lamp from Buddy’s Home Furnishings can warm up a room instantly.

Appropriate Scents

There’s no need to buy specific fragrances. Boiling water with cinnamon and allspice and allowing the scent to diffuse throughout the home can make it feel warmer. Go through your spice cabinet and experiment with scents that remind you of fall.

Fall is upon us. We at Buddy’s Home Furnishings are more excited than ever and hope we can help warm up your home for these beautiful Autumn months.

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