4 Dos & Don’ts for Redesigning Your Kitchen

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When it comes time to give your kitchen a major overhaul, you want to do it right. You’re giving yourself a clean slate and all of those annoying little things you couldn’t stand about your old kitchen can finally be a thing of the past.Buddy – Kitchen Remodel

Redesigning a kitchen is no small task, though. There are a huge number of things to think about and you don’t want to miss any of it. To help, we came up with the 4 most important Dos and Don’ts to remember when remodeling your kitchen.

  1. Don’t waste any space.
    Your kitchen is home to a hundreds of things. You’ve got utensils galore, pots, pans, cookie sheets, and more that all need a home. Don’t leave any space untapped. Look around online for ways to use every nook and cranny in your kitchen.
  2. Don’t reuse old appliances.
    Your refrigerator, stove, etc. fit in your old Don’t go through all the trouble to recreate the space and then include old appliances that don’t fit. Chances are, if it’s time for a kitchen upgrade, your appliances are due for an upgrade as well.
  3. Do make sure the lighting is perfect.
    Kitchens used to be strictly for cooking. Now, they’re used for cooking, gathering, partying, chatting… the kitchen is the heart of the home. Use a combination of ambient lighting (to make the room bright and relaxed) and focused lighting that will allow you to clearly see what you’re working on.
  4. Do plan ahead.
    If all goes according to plan, you’ll be living with this kitchen as is for a long time. Take some time to picture how you see you and your family evolving over the years and try to incorporate that into your design to make this a room that will serve you well for many years.
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