3 Reasons to Rent Appliances

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Many people are hesitant about renting appliances, but we’ve found that’s usually becausebuddys home furnishings they haven’t yet learned of the advantages. Here are 3 reasons we
think renting appliances from Buddy’s Home Furnishings makes sense:

  1. A temporary move. Whether you’re moving for college or taking a temporary posting in another city, it may not make sense to buy appliances you won’t need when you’ve completed the assignment or program. Rather than spend a large amount of money up front for appliances that you may not need all the time, rent them for as long as you want.
  1. Moving soon. You’re moving to another state in a month and your refrigerator stops working. Does it make sense to buy a new one? We don’t think so. Leaving it means you’ll need to buy another, while keeping it may clash with your new kitchen. It’s better to rent the refrigerator for the month you need it and get a new one when you’ve settled in your next home.
  1. New brand. So you think you might want to try a new brand, but you’re afraid it won’t work well. Buddy’s has appliances from top-rated brands available so you can try the appliance before you buy.
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