3 Outdoor Appliances You Need for Fall

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Just because leaves are changing color doesn’t mean outdoor work ends. Fall just adds a different type of work. You’ll get your money’s worth out of renting certain appliances in the autumn.

Lawn Mowers

Grass doesn’t stop growing until winbuddy's home furnishingster and your lawn should be mowed until the grass stops growing entirely. Get a lawn mower with a mulching mode, particularly if you have areas of lawn under trees, so that the leaves can decompose in place without smothering the lawn.

Buddy’s offers a rent to own riding mower so you can get the job done more quickly than a manual option.

Leaf Blowers

Rather than spending hours raking leaves, use a leaf blower to more easily clear areas and, if you don’t have a mower with a mulching mode, prepare them for removal. Make sure you either rake or use the leaf blower when the leaves are dry, as they move significantly easier.


Chainsaws are essential for removing dead branches before they fall on your car or come through your window in a storm. If you find a chainsaw rather intimidating, an electric lopper can be used for most small branches. Plus, it has the advantage of being usable above shoulder level.

At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, we’ve got everything you need to get your Autumn work done and enjoy the beautiful Fall.

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