3 Benefits of Rent-to-Own Furniture

Oct 23, 2015 Comments Off on 3 Benefits of Rent-to-Own Furniture by

Renting to own is often an overlooked purchasing method that puts the product in the hands of the consumer quickly. Some rent to own furniturepeople love the concept, and others are dead set against it. Want to know why it may be a wonderful opportunity for you in 2016?

It’s one of the most convenient methods available. If you don’t qualify for no-interest purchasing plans at other stores, rent-to-own can still provide you with exactly what you want right now.

The financing is very easy. You may be able to afford regularly financing a rent-to-own product better than a traditional purchasing agreement. Some high-priced items can be delivered to your home for as little as $16-25 per week. You’ll have the rest of your money available for monthly living costs.

Rental agreements aren’t included on your credit score. If something happens and you can no longer afford to service the agreement, you can return the product at will. The product return won’t damage your credit score, so you can continue to build your credit.

For small items and large purchases, consider renting before assuming you can’t afford it. Stop by a Buddy’s Home Furnishings location or browse through our website to learn more.

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