10 Ways to Accomplish a Stress Free Move

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Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle. Use these 10 tips for making your next move less stressful!

Start Planning Early

Waiting until the last minute to develop an organizational strategy will not be good for your nerves. Start planning at least 30 days in advance, and create a master list of everything you need to get accomplished during that time.

Communicate with the Movers

Don’t leave anything up to chance when it comes to movers. Give them all the minor details of your plan, even if they may not seem like apparently useful information at the time.

Plan the Trip Wisely

With a short move across town, you have the luxury of making several smaller trips. However, you may only have one shot at getting everything moved over long distances. Measure your boxes and furniture to ensure you get a truck that’s big enough.  

Use Labels

Label things by room so that you’ll know where everything should go in the new house. However, label things for the movers’ benefit as well—like marking fragile things as such.

Ditch Unnecessary Items

There’s no reason to haul an old couch halfway across the country. Get rid of old or worn out items (especially big ones) to save space during the move. Once you arrive, upgrade with rent to own modern furniture.

Take Inventory

It’s inevitable that something gets lost during a move, but with an inventory sheet it should be much easier to find. Record each item, the room it came from, the box it’s going in, and the room it’s for in your new home. Spreadsheet software comes in handy for tasks like this.

Know the Move-In Rules

Some apartments or condos have specific rules about moving in—like prohibiting moving in  during certain times or on certain days. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these rules beforehand, so you don’t have an embarrassing situation later.

Have an Essentials Box

You won’t have everything unpacked on your first day, so be sure to bring a box that has everything you’ll need during the process. This includes things like toiletries, an extra change of clothes, and bed sheets.

Avoid Garbage Bags

They may be convenient for moving, but using garbage bags can lead to things getting accidentally thrown away. Either opt for something else or make sure your movers are aware of the bags.

Remove Your Pets

Find a pet sitter for your moving day. Some people elect to lock their pets in an unused room, but this can put unnecessary stress on them or you. It’s better to have them entirely removed from the process.

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